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My work is a form of abstract landscape of both the person and the natural world.


Raised in Southern California, influenced for 35 years amidst the landscape of the west, living two years on a horse rescue ranch in the high desert of New Mexico, and now living in North Florida, I integrate art, healing and nature in all that I do. My work, namely large scale paintings and installations, is a celebration, contemplation, and nod of gratitude to nature and the elemental cycles that both the natural world and human beings follow. I consider myself first and foremost an artist, as this is my primary life and love language, however I am a multipassionate and interdisciplinary painter and installation artist, teacher, entrepreneur, and health practitioner practicing as a licensed Massage Therapist and Craniosacral Therapist and on the path of becoming a Chinese Medicine Doctor. I integrate ancient and modern healing modalities within both the clinic and informing my art practice. Visual meditation, natural world meditations, numerology, spirituality, philosophy, vision work and creative exploration all find their way into my paintings and installations.


I received my degree in Fine Arts and Philosophy at George Fox University (2010) where I received a research scholarship my junior year to live internationally in Rwanda and Northern Ireland working on my proposed project titled “Who is My Neighbor?” I focused on inner and communal healing and trauma, and how art and creativity play a role in the healing process. I completed my senior exhibition with a series of large mixed media paintings both figurative and abstract. I also taught summer Drawing to international students while studying and after graduating George Fox. 

I completed my Masters in Fine Arts in Painting at Washington State University (2013) where I taught design and art history. In summer 2013 I was invited to a gathering of international philosophers and artists with French philosopher Luce Irigaray where I presented my thesis exhibition. Following that I attended an artist residency in Ireland at the Burren College of Art. I considered pursuing my PhD in Art in Ireland, however was instead drawn to dive into my passion for mind-body-spirit healing both for my own personal healing journey and my desire to walk alongside others in their healing, and devoted the next 8 years to my Masters in Chinese Medicine which began in Portland, Oregon at Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in 2015, and completed in 2023 at Academy for Five Element Acupuncture in Florida. From the earliest days, art and healing have been inseparable for me, both in the way that I practice in my healing work as well as how I approach the studio. 

I work with loose unframed linen canvas and finish most works with detailed abstract hand stitched colorful threads. My work is an inner reflection and tuning in to the self, the relation of self and neighbor, and the connection to the natural world. I am intrigued by the meeting of language and landscape, as I build my shifting and expanding visual language of expressive color and mark-making in my paintings. Nature fuels my painting process, and my style loosely captures the essence of land, place, and the divine. I encourage viewers to be open and flexible with the work, drawing out their own unique resonances and experiences.


In October 2023 I had my first child in my home via natural birth, and this process of pregnancy, birth, and now motherhood will inevitably influence my path as an artist.


I have taught overtime at George Fox University as an adjunct professor, I have shown work nationally in California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, North Dakota, and New York, and internationally in England, Ireland, East Africa, and Italy, and am currently showing work in California, Oregon, and New Mexico. I also do personalize commissioned abstract paintings amidst my installation and educational work. 

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