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The beauty of this process is the exchange that occurs between artist and patron. Commissioning an abstract work requires a willing openness from both parties, and installing the work in a patron's space has been one of the most rewarding aspects of my art practice. 

I look very forward to the possibility of working with you. 


1. MEETING: in person or via video chat to get a sense of your space and energy of the home. This process is very intuitive and fun!

2. SIZE AND COLOR: We select size and general color palette, trusting the palette will develop uniquely during the painting process. 

3. PRICING: $300 additional commissioned painting fee- includes meetings and delivery, price determined based on size and details. 

4. TIMING: completion date determined on first meeting.

5. DELIVERY: In person when possible, to be discussed.

5. PAYMENT: 50% up front, 50% upon delivery.

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