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Bette's Song 21

Bette's Song 21

Bette's Song Ornament Collection

2.6" Hand Painted Glass Ornament


*Please Read all details below before ordering


Your unique hand painted ornament is meant to bring you (or a loved one) light, hope, and sparkle in this holiday season, inspired by my late beagle Bette's joyful singing voice, made with the intention to honor a special event, a memory, a beloved no longer here, an anniversary, YOU, a friend, a family member, etc. Whatever you want to honor- this ornament is for you!  Each piece is draped with gold leaf and golden glitter, infused with healing energy from my studio!


I will add a personalized hang tag with your name/word(s) of choice so be sure to enter what you'd like written in the custom text field! 1-4 words max.


Your ornament will also come with a small description of the meaning behind this collection- so whether you're sending this as a gift to yourself or to another- you'll have the details you need to feel the magic!


Due to the nature of this fragile item, I've added a $15 shipping cost which you will see at check out. This includes my shipping supplies and the safe and timely delivery of your ornament to your home! If you prefer to send it as a gift at no additional cost, indicate this in the custom text field, add the recipient's address as the shipping address, and don't hesitate to email me at with any questions!


For orders of 2 or more ornaments, you will only pay 1 $15 shipping cost- a win win for orders of multiples!


If this is an international order (outside of the US), I've added a $25 shipping cost to help ensure safe and timely delivery in time for the holidays!


Thank you again. This was an incredibly special collection to make, a first time experience for me, and I can't wait for you to receive your order!

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