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The Journey.heic

For the past 8 years, I’ve been journeying toward a big moment in my professional life. In that journey I’ve had trials and pitfalls, I’ve had failures that were not truly failures but in fact, redirections to something even better. I’ve moved from Idaho to Oregon to New Mexico to California to Florida. And on August 19, 2023, I completed that 8 year chapter by graduating after 8 years of study with my Masters in Acupuncture and my Certificate in Herbal Studies from the Academy for Five Element Acupuncture. 


This is a big threshold, and now I also sit on a new threshold - that of motherhood. my boy was born at home in October 2023- the most transformative time of my life yet!


In honor if these chapters closing and opening, and in honor of these thresholds, I decided to put this collection out of all of my tiny works through this 8 year journey of medicine studies to both celebrate an end of my own chapter and to commemorate YOUR chapters and journeys, as well. 


These works have been created in various places across the west- some were painted in Taos in front of Taos Mountain amist the red dirt and gem filled earth, some at our adobe home on the healing horse ranch outside of Santa Fe, some as I was traveling to and fro Florida for my medical intensives, some as I was grieving my late beagle Bette, and so on and so forth. 


All of these paintings are greatly inspired by the healing power of the natural world, and by that ultimate trust in what is carrying us through life- that we are divinely guided to our next steps, that we are absolutely cared for and held.


So I encourage you as you’re looking through these works to ask yourself- what are my thresholds? Contemplate your resilience, your determination, your journey you’ve walked and choices you’ve made that get you to this exact moment. Be proud of yourself. Be proud of what you’ve released and what you’ve opened up to. Be trusting of exactly where you are and know that life is here to serve and provide for you no matter the peaks and valleys we are asked to walk.


These works reflect on rejuvenation, expansion, the healing energy of the natural world, and living into one’s vision, dream and true north.


With hand to your heart, choose the work that calls you! It will be an honor to send these pieces to you to commemorate your own journeys!


May these works bring you daily inspiration light, hope, clarity, and vibrant energy!





*Being a small business, I humbly admit I do not have the powers of Amazon in both speed and shipping costs. Thus, all works will be shipped out safely and securely no later than 14 days of order date unless otherwise clarified, and you will receive a tracking number upon ship date via email. For faster shipping, please email and arrangements will be made! Thank you for your understanding!

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